About Us

eLawMarketing is a leading provider of online marketing services to the legal industry. Since 2002, we have worked with over 150 law firms and individual attorneys to execute online marketing strategies that delivered exceptional results for our clients.

In servicing clients, we realize exceptional results by adhering to the following three core values:

Every client is unique in terms of image, culture and objectives. As such, we avoid the "cookie-cutter" approach adopted by so many other providers, and instead follow a highly personalized methodology that develops solutions tailored to the unique business needs of each client. Our goal is 100% satisfaction with each client, whether large or small.

Every Internet marketing initiative will have tactical and strategic goals that must be identified upfront during the discovery phase and then continually reassessed as results are tracked and measured. Long after your website, blog or email newsletter is launched, we will continue to work closely with you to interpret your results, and to recommend changes to ensure that your goals are achieved and then surpassed.

eLawMarketing deploys robust and sophisticated solutions. We partner only with technology companies that meet our strict standards of excellence, while at the same time developing our own proprietary software where we see a "gap" in the marketplace. This means that our clients can expect to remain on the "cutting edge" with respect to the technology powering their Internet marketing programs.